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Monaco GP

The Debrief by Aramco

Fantastic Fernando in Monaco

In an eventful Grand Prix affected by a late rain shower, Fernando secured the team's best result of the season to date with second place while Lance pulled off some spectacular overtakes on the tight and narrow streets.

Hear from Fernando, Lance and Team Principal Mike Krack following a dramatic Monaco Grand Prix, which was affected by a late rain shower, as AMF1 Team equalled its highest finishing position of second.


On the podium in Monte Carlo.

Fernando secured second in the Monaco Grand Prix in a very tense race on the famous street circuit, while Lance produced some bold overtakes from his difficult starting position.

The rain came towards the end of the 78-lap race, meaning that a race with what was expected to be a straightforward one-stop strategy was turned completely on its head.

Fernando came through to take his best finish of the season, while Lance's day sadly came to an early end.

At the end of a thrilling weekend, Fernando, Lance and Mike share their thoughts of the weekend in Monaco.

The Grand Prix

"Starting from the front row and finishing second with Fernando in the Monaco Grand Prix is a tremendous result for the whole team – and a significant marker for how far we've travelled together. This was a difficult race to manage: we fitted Fernando with the Hard compound, hoping to use the strategy to jump Max [Verstappen] later in the race." Mike opens by highlighting the journey that the team has been on in recent years, getting to a point where a podium finish in Monaco is a realistic proposition. He adds that the race as a whole was challenging to manage, with Fernando opting to go opposite on strategy to Verstappen.


"I'm really happy with this result. The race was not easy – and the rain made it difficult for everybody, and very risky strategically. I don't think the extra stop [first Mediums, then Intermediates] affected the result." Fernando is happy to take away a podium finish from the Monaco Grand Prix, and believes that the additional pitstop – which took place as the rain fell harder – did not change the outcome of the race.

"In all honesty, this wasn't a race to remember. The first lap was pretty eventful – a lot of crashing; a lot of carbon-fibre flying everywhere! Those clashes left the car with a fair amount of damage but I was still able to have a go at some of the cars in front. And I pulled off a couple of passes, which was fun." From the middle of the pack, Lance was always at risk of contact on the opening lap. Despite the damage sustained, he was able to have some fun on track pulling off some bold overtakes during the race.


"Then the rain came! Initially, the downpour wasn't too heavy, and we fitted Mediums because an old, worn Hard tyre is incredibly difficult to manage on a wet track. The rain immediately increased, and switching to Intermediates was the logical choice just a lap later. That made no difference to the result – we wouldn't have caught Max anyway. Fernando drove magnificently in treacherous conditions to equal AMF1 Team's best-ever result – bravo." Mike explains Fernando's strategy in detail, and highlights that it did not affect the result at the end of the day – which equals the P2 finish at the 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

"It's always hard to read the race fully from the cockpit, but on the lap I stopped, the track was completely dry apart from Turns Seven and Eight – so why fit Inters, especially when it felt like a small shower and we had plenty of margin behind us? So it was the right decision, and extra safe: but a minute and a half later it was a completely different situation!" Fernando explains that the call was very tricky to make. Part of the circuit was wet, and part of it dry. With a large gap to the battle over third place, he believes the safe decision was the right one.

"But I was struggling a little to get the car slowed down even before the rain; then when it started raining the brake issues meant I just couldn't stop the car. I think I hit the wall about five times out there, but it just wasn't my day." Lance adds that his race was affected by a worsening brake issue, which ultimately contributed to his retirement.

"Lance struggled with damage after a couple of hits on lap one, but he drove with a good amount of verve, overtook a couple of cars and was battling hard. That was great to see. He correctly judged the switch to Inters but was managing the brakes in the wet and lost his front wing after a tangle with the barriers. Starting 14th, it was always going to be a tricky race for Lance – but he kept his head up throughout." The race was always going to be challenging for Lance from his grid position, as Mike explains, but highlights the perseverance shown during the weekend.

"There was no chance to win today – wet or dry, but we raced aggressively and tried to win it. We were hoping Max would suffer greater degradation on the Mediums, but he did 50 laps at an amazing pace. But we're getting closer – let's not forget that. Now to Spain!" Fernando adds that despite a very aggressive strategy, it was always going to be very difficult to beat Verstappen. But he adds that the top spot is getting closer, as he looks ahead to his home race in Spain next weekend.


"Congratulations to Fernando for an excellent result – I'll be aiming for a points finish at Barcelona next weekend. I'm already looking forward to Spain." Lance pays tribute to his team-mate on his result, and looks to be back in the points-paying places at next weekend's Spanish Grand Prix.

"Now we go to Spain – with the aim of getting both cars in the points once again." The final word of the weekend comes from Mike as the team heads to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, with the target of a double points finish.

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