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Our trained staff offers you the following services:

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  • Sale of new and demonstration Aston Martin cars
  • Sale of used cars of all luxury and premium brands

  • Exchange and purchase of all luxury and premium stamps

  • commission sale

  • leasing

  • insurance

  • After making an appointment, we will also be happy to come to you personally with a vehicle of your choice or to configure it

  • Many exclusive events and sports car trips


  • Repair and service work Aston Martin

  • Repair and service work for all luxury and premium brands

  • Painting and body work

  • Complete insurance processing

  • Vehicle maintenance and preparation

  • Vehicle adjustment and garage

  • Collection/delivery service

  • Aston Martin merchandise

  • Warranty Extensions

  • Accessories for your Aston Martin

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Frey Tresor

We would like to inform you today about the possibility of storing your vehicle with us. Be it over winter, which is just around the corner, or all year round. This applies to all sports cars and vintage cars.

If a sports car or a classic car has been standing for more than a month, there are a few things to look out for: Increased tire pressure to avoid a so-called flat tire. Attach a battery trickle charger to avoid undervoltage or even an empty battery. Thorough vehicle preparation so that dirt and water deposits do not attack the body and chassis. The vehicle should not be exposed to sub-zero temperatures to avoid frost damage.

We would be happy to take care of all these issues for you.

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